A new approach to independence. Grow with us.

We believe the first step for financial advisors on their path to independence should start with a tuck-in model. When you join Revisor Partners, you’ll be establishing independence and taking advantage of industry-leading resources, innovative solutions, and a community of like-minded advisors.


The Revisor Opportunity

Revisor Partners gives you the support you need to run an independent business with services and tools that include technology, operations, and compliance. We also uniquely help advisors with creating their own brands, marketing, and generating leads because we are committed to helping you grow your practice.

Elevate Your Practice

When you work with Revisor Partners, you control your own destiny. You are fully empowered to make important decisions for your practice and your clients. We’ll provide you with the freedom, flexibility, and support you need to focus on what matters most to you: managing client relationships and growing your advisory practice.

Partnering with Revisor

Our Independence Model

We view an advisor’s transition to independence on a spectrum rather than as a one-size-fits-all proposition. We offer advisors a “Shared ADV” model, also called a “Tuck-In” model.

Tucking in is the middle ground between a wirehouse and starting your own RIA and a great first step for an advisor on their path to independence. Our model offers advisors the following benefits:


  • Pre-established operational infrastructure
  • Access to the firm’s existing technology and compliance
  • Ability to leverage innovative solutions that benefit the end-client
  • Pricing model that lets you keep nearly 100% of your payout
  • Full ownership of your book of business with freedom to seek full independence or join another RIA without fear of litigation
  • When going fully independent, you can maintain access to our proprietary solutions

The Ideal Candidate

We find that advisors with the following personal characteristics and business needs are a good fit:


  • Growth minded
  • View themselves as entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Put clients and relationships above all else
  • Grit, determination, and a drive for success

Business Needs

  • Ability to build their own brands
  • Access to best-of-breed technology and back-office support
  • A desire to be independent, without the hassle of starting an RIA
  • Flexibility to better serve their clients

We’re revising the path to independence by offering a tuck-in model that gives advisors more control over their practices, including the ability to walk away without strings attached.

Landon Jones, MBA, CFP®
Founder & President

Welcome to a new era for advisors!

Get access to our compliance, technology, and marketing solutions as you take your first step to independence with Revisor.

Our tuck-in model offers advisors access to our technology, compliance, and marketing solutions. We give you the flexibility to leverage our existing infrastructure with the ability to pick and choose what you use and how you pay for it. Below are some of our existing partners that will be available for advisors joining and growing with us!

Joining Revisor

A Streamlined Approach to Independence

We want your transition to to be as smooth as possible. We recognize that you’re more than a financial advisor; you’re also an entrepreneur. We have a streamlined approach to joining Revisor that isn’t cumbersome or time consuming. Should you join us, we’ll work with you on a customized approach to your transition that ensures maximum client retention and opportunity for new growth.

Grow With Us

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