Revolutionizing Financial Services for Advisors and Clients

We’ve created a modern wealth management platform for advisors that increases efficiency and improves client outcomes so you can spend your time on the things and relationships you value most.

What We Do

Our businesses are diverse, but complementary, with each meeting a distinct client need. We work with financial advisors and high-net-worth-individuals to offer solutions designed to advance your success and are continually seeking ways to keep you at the forefront of financial services by revising outdated approaches and embracing innovation.

For established advisors & RIAs



Cutting edge technology solutions that help advisors save time and money by streamlining their account management and portfolio management.

Innovate with Us

For breakaway advisors



A registered investment advisor that offers breakaway and independent advisors a choice in how to partner that best fits your practice’s future vision.

Grow with Us

For individuals & families



A dedicated team of experienced advisors with a comprehensive approach to financial planning and wealth management for individuals and families.

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About Us

Revising the Advisor and Client Experience

re-vi-se / riˈvaiz / verb:

To change the way you do something.

The word revise comes from the Latin word revisere, which means “look at again, or visit again.” When you revise something, you change the way you do something, which is at the core of everything we do at Revisor. We’re committed to revising the advisor experience and, ultimately, the client experience by improving and modernizing it.

Our Culture

Cultivating Innovative Perspectives Together

Revisor and it’s multiple lines of business represent the embodiment of our uncompromising focus on creating better experiences for both advisors and clients. We understand the importance of staying at the cutting edge of financial services with proactive innovation that drives business evolution.

The Revisor team is a group of of impassioned, independent, entrepreneurial thinkers with decades of experience advising clients and building solutions for problems we encountered as advisors, which is why providing advisors with advanced solutions for operating their practice and a unique approach to partnering and growing their businesses was a natural evolution of our collective experiences.

Why Revisor?

Revisor is a unique and innovative company founded by financial advisors with a passion for change. After years of owning and operating an independent advisory firm with sub-par, disconnected, and overpriced services, it became obvious that there was a need for change in the industry to improve how advisors managed their practices and the end solutions provided to clients.


Financial Advisor Assets Using Our Innovative Solutions

30+ Years

Of Experience in Investment Management

Disclaimer: Data is as of March 31, 2023 and includes Revisor Wealth Management Assets Under Advisement. Data is subject to change.


Financial Advisor Assets Using Our Innovative Solutions

30+ Years

Of Experience in Investment Management

Disclaimer: Data is as of March 31, 2023 and includes Revisor Wealth Management Assets Under Advisement. Data is subject to change.

Mission & Vision

A New Era for Wealth Management

Revisor is an innovative firm providing a “new and better way” for our advisors and their end clients. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions to meet our clients needs – today, tomorrow and beyond.

We’re revising how financial advisors do business across all aspects – from how they manage their practices to how they invest their clients’ money.

Landon Jones, MBA, CFP®
Founder & President

Revise With Us

If you’re an individual or family looking for wealth management services, an advisor looking to go independent, or an advisor wanting to streamline your practice with technological innovation, we have a solution for you!