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Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose:

Revisor’s mission is to deliver the capabilities of its platform to a wide range of investors through our network of financial advisors. Our platform provides coordination and execution of value-creating strategies within the investment, tax, estate, and insurance domains. The Revisor Platform supports brand-new investors, Ultra High Net Worth investors, and everyone in between.

The current financial services system is extremely outdated. It lacks needed coordination among the various professionals and the ability to execute advanced planning strategies. Revisor’s platform addresses these issues and provides tax-efficient investment strategies, customized portfolios, transparent/direct ownership of securities, and simplified, reasonably priced tax preparation, estate planning, and insurance services.

Revisor aims to revolutionize financial services by offering a more efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly platform through financial advisors, bringing financial services 2.0 to the public.

The Start of a Revolution

Revisor’s founder, Landon Jones, began his career as a financial advisor in 2002 with a large national firm. Disillusioned with the restrictive, conflict-laden model of proprietary products, Landon transitioned to an independent, fee-based practice. This shift brought new challenges, including managing portfolios, billing accounts, and providing performance reporting.

Initially, Landon attempted to handle these tasks internally, but it quickly became apparent that building a robust system would take years. He outsourced investment management to a Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP). However, this solution was unsatisfactory—many accounts couldn’t be managed due to size or specific requirements, and the TAMP’s inflexibility and high fees were problematic.

Realizing the need for a better solution, Landon decided to self-manage all accounts. Partnering with TradePMR as the custodian, he developed processes to build, maintain, trade, bill, and report on fee-based brokerage accounts at scale. By 2013, Landon had created a system that allowed advisors to outsource all client accounts, regardless of size or complexity.

In 2015, Revisor was officially launched with the support of startup RIAs who believed in the vision and desire to offer coordination of investment, tax, estate, and insurance services to clients. Based on the local practice Landon started, the model has been scaled for national practices for a more coordinated client experience across various advisory needs.

We’re revising the path to independence by offering a tuck-in model that gives advisors more control over their practices, including the ability to walk away without strings attached.

Landon Jones, MBA, CFP®
Founder & President

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